The game for the bold, forever triumphing soul. On the horizon awaits a new challenge, a new opportunity, a redemption for glory. Only the brave will take charge as leader of the battle, shoulder to shoulder, face to face, and determined to push their limits and march towards Victory!!!


  • No. of participant: 1.
  • Participant should possess Managerial, Analytical and Technical Skills.
  • Participant must carry their own laptop.
  • Participant must carry extra pair of cloths.

Event Coordinators:
Akash Nevagi           +91-9035874083
Aishwarya Redkar +91-8806515893


The future lies in the hands of the techno-wizards. Their brilliance will make this indifferent world into an urban utopia. Be selective, switch to alternates, function the right way, control the flow, loop around till you satisfy and be the semicolon to your own Success!!!


  • No. of Participant: 1.
  • Participant must have the knowledge of C, C++, Java & Android basics.
  • Participant must carry their own laptop.
  • Software requirements:
    a. Codeblocks.
    b. JDK with Eclipse/NetBeans.

Event Coordinators:
Sangamnath Ingalalli +91-8197775778
Suraj Badmanji              +91-8095728071
B.P Nikita                         +91-9008671835


Think you are smart enough, THINK AGAIN!!! The race of intellects will be tough. Your wits will be tested to the extremes. No matter how intelligent you are, what matters is that one answer that makes the difference. Who's up for the challenge?


  • No. of participant: 1
  • Participant must be well versed with Information Technology, IOT and current affairs.
  • Participant will be disqualified if found taking help from any source.

Event Coordinators:
Anand Ambekar +91-8792258470
Rohan Chavan     +91-9480536844


The world is tiny and from a webmaster's perspective, it's a jungle of thoughts. You will face as many competitors as a forty-niner during the gold rush and only the fittest will survive. In order to stand out from the pack, you need to glow and show your skills. Be Able to Sell Yourself!!!


  • No. of Participant : 1.
  • Participant must carry their own laptop and dongal.
  • Participant should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and XML.
  • Software requirement:
    a. WAMP
    b. Eclipse/JDK.

Event Coordinators:
Siddesh Mahajan +91-9886481828
Prasad Shetty        +91-9108099077


The superior mortals don't have the best of things. It is up to them to make the best out of everything. So don't let the world decide where you stand, instead tell the world what you can comprehend. Seize the chance, accomplish the Conglomerate!!!


  • No. of Participants: 2.
  • Participants must carry their own laptop and dongal.
  • Software requirement:
      a. WAMP.
      b. K-DEVELOPER C/C++.
  • Participants must carry extra pair of clothes.

Event Coordinators:
Venkatesh Shinde +91-9844884431
Supriya Kolaki         +91-8867646152


You're not here to stand and watch. This is your game too. The time has come. Don't think too hard, you'll hurt your head, why don't you present something instead? This platform is to reveal your passion because performance comes from passion and not from Pressure!!!


  • No. of participant: 1.
  • IEEE format should be maintained.
  • Participants should carry their own laptop,pendrive and dongal.

Event Coordinators:
Madhavi Sapre +91-8792798324
Pooja Yaraga     +91-7411483477


Plebeians who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should never enter the heat of debate.It is manifestly impossible for everyone to be taught to do. Device your thoughts and elicit them in the form of Words!!! Dialectic


  • No. of participant: 2.
  • Participant should have knowledge of Internet of Things, current affairs
    and politics.
  • Use of abusive language will lead to disqualification .

Event Coordinators:
Poonam chougule    +91-9164263702
Deeksha vaghmare +91-8762305204


DANCE till the STARS come down from the RAFTERS!!!. Dance to transmit the inexpressible residue of EMOTIONS!!!


  • Participation of whole team is compulsory.
  • Time limit: 4+1 min.
  • Theme: SWAG (use of prop is mandatory).
  • Song should be submitted at the time of registration.
  • Any kind of misbehavior & vulgarity is strictly prohibited. Doing so may
    lead to disqualification.
  • This event is mandatory and will be considered for General Championship
    in case of a tie.

Event Coordinators:
Prajakta Karale                     +91-7204535414
Punit Naik                                +91-7411464423
Tejaswini Nandagaonkar +91-9035331537